Zen Nona Adventures

“Zen Nona Heart”
Created 7/9/18 from Blog Post: Have you taken a Zen Nona Lately?

May 9, 2018

I am now home from my Zen Nona – (now or never adventure) in Denver, Colorado, Santa Fe & Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the photo below is a collage of the amazing 5 museums I visited. It was a huge dose of ZENFUL Arts & Culture! I highly recommend planning a Zen Nona and enjoying each and every mindful moment, meeting new people, experiencing new places, and savoring in all your sweet memories when you get home. Who knows, maybe you might even decide to relocate to one of your adventure spots, if your heart falls in love with a new home sweet home! I may have left my heart in Santa Fe, New Mexico! See below a song I revised, after visiting both Colorado and New Mexico. It was originally titled: “Colorado?”, but I have changed it to: “Santa Fe?” with new lyrics! I fell in love with the gorgeous blooming Spring Lilacs, Wisteria, Iris, Tulips, Etc. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains were beautiful too! I can’t wait to experience Autumn in Santa Fe! I was so happy to stay at an airbnb in Santa Fe that had a grand piano for me to record my music! I am a total novice and teaching myself how to play piano on YouTube! Click on this link to listen on SoundCloud if interested! 
ZEN NONA – Museums Visited:
Denver Art Museum-Degas Exhibit
Clyfford Still Museum-Denver
Nedra Matteucci Galleries & Sculpture Garden- Santa Fe
New Mexico Museum of Art-Santa Fe
Georgia O’Keefe Museum-Santa Fe
Santa Fe
Will you be my new home?
I love your
Lilacs in the spring
Sunny Skies and Fresh Breezes
and the
Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range
Santa Fe
Will you be my new home?
I think it might be so
If I go
I won’t forget
Sedona, Sedona, Sedona
You were a good home
I will miss you so
But it’s time to go to
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I love your
Lilacs in the spring
Sunny Skies and Fresh Breezes
and the
Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range

All Rights Reserved 2016 Lyrics and Piano Music created by Marlene Rose Besso 1/17/2016 Revised from Colorado to Santa Fe 4/27/18

My Travel Plans are booked and I am off to visit Colorado & New Mexico next month! I will be Airbnbing and Ubering, it’s the 21st Century way to travel! Lots of Zen Adventures Await! 

October 2017
Zen Nona – My Now or Never Adventure has begun!
Recently I decided to take a ZEN NONA…..a term I created which means a Zen ~ Now or Never Adventure”! I think of it as similar to a GAP Year that kids take between high school and college, but now being at the age of a Grandmother/Nonna (yikes!) I call it my Zen Nona in Sedona!

I have signed up for Social Security, I wanted to wait until my 66th Birthday, but I had no choice but to sign up early. Between the SS and some designated savings I have decided that I don’t want to jump into working right away after losing my client of 20+ years! I need a break for 6+ months, and then I will have to go back into the work force, since I don’t have nearly enough saved to survive only on Social Security!

I am enjoying this block of time to create, dream, travel, volunteer, network, start a new business venture, and who knows how I might re-invent myself during this adventure in my 3rd Act of Life!  

It’s exciting and a bit scary, but as Helen Keller said: Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all!



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