Sedona Vortex Love ~Favorite Hiking Trails PhotoArt by Marlene Rose Besso

It’s another HOT Day in the High Desert here in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. The Monsoon season has not been producing much rain or cooler temperatures this year, so far.  I am enjoying my creative time, thankfully in my air conditioned Art studio, with gratitude!

I hope you enjoy this new PhotoArt design with my favorite photograph of Bell Rock colored as a purple vortex in the distance. Maybe you will notice one of your favorite hiking trails in this amazing unique landscape of Sedona’s Red Rock – Secret Mountain Wilderness!

Click on the photo below to view prints available for purchase at Fine Art America!

sedona-vortex-love-marlene-rose-besso (1)
Sedona Vortex Love ~ Favorite Hiking Trails PhotoArt by Marlene Rose Besso

We MUST Do Something! Gun Violence & Terrorism on August 3. 2019 ~ America’s Lost Souls.

We MUST Do Something!

Gun Violence & Terrorism on August 3. 2019 ~ America’s Lost Souls.

Their lives should not be lost in vain, we must DO SOMETHING to reverse the horror that takes place in America everyday because of gun violence. There have been 255 mass shootings in America as of August 5, 2019. MORE SHOOTINGS THAN DAYS IN THIS YEAR. This feels like the final wake up call to take a stand and make the change we need in America.

We MUST DEMAND our Congressional Representatives pass laws to stop these horrific mass shootings once and for all.

If they don’t pass the laws, VOTE THEM OUT.


Click on this link to contact your elected officials.

Zen Daily Words Heart & Puzzle for July 2019

My July 2019 Zen Daily Words created into a Heart & Word Search Puzzle! A great affirmation exercise and awareness of my mindset and intentions for the month. Try it for yourself and see how it enhances your daily attitude and vision for your future. 

Click on the puzzle for link to make your own word search puzzle, and here is a link to make your very own word heart! ENJOY!

July 2019 heart words puzzle-1.jpg

Our paperback book Zen Daily Words offers many hours of Zen fun solving inspiring Word Search Puzzles. Click here to purchase on Amazon

Also available in Sedona, AZ at the Sedona Artist Market.

July 2019 Heart Zen Daily Words


Hope, Faith & Courage!

Today I am celebrating the One Year Anniversary of publishing my book: Zen Daily Words! I am sharing this Blog I wrote last year announcing the completion of my dream! My favorite quote of all time: “For As You Dream, So Shall You Become.” I have sold many copies of my book and am thrilled that it has been an inspiration to those who have read it.

Now it’s time to follow my other dreams, and have the faith and courage to accomplish all I set out to do in my life. I wish you the same hope, faith and courage to pursue your dreams in your life.


Zen Daily Words & Zen Heart Creations

“Hope is a waking dream.” ~ Aristotle 

Hoping, dreaming, praying and having faith are all the things that help us get through each day of our lives. This quote has the same powerful message as: “Courage is Fear Walking.” Hope and Courage; we either have to walk through it or dream through it, but either way we live through it all with Faith.

To me the word hope is similar to the word faith which I created an acronym for when I was writing a piano song: “Faith: Fearless Attitude in thy Heart”. Having Hope and Faith gets me through each day along with my daily spiritual meditations and guidance from Quan Yin.

Of all the times I’ve flipped through my little Dream Quotes book I don’t think I’ve ever seen this quote from Aristotle, what a serendipitous event to find it today! I am actually living my dream…

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