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Our Zen Daily Words Book will be available for purchase soon, and we hope you will enjoy many mindful moments solving the Zen Word Search Puzzles! We also hope you are inspired to create some of your own Daily Words and Affirmations! 

Keeping a positive attitude and outlook on life can be challenging at times, and we hope reading these Daily Words & Affirmations will assist you in creating a gratitude attitude in your day! 


Hope, Faith & Courage!

“Hope is a waking dream.” ~ Aristotle 

Hoping, dreaming, praying and having faith are all the things that help us get through each day of our lives. This quote has the same powerful message as: “Courage is Fear Walking.” Hope and Courage; we either have to walk through it or dream through it, but either way we live through it all with Faith.

To me the word hope is similar to the word faith which I created an acronym for when I was writing a piano song: “Faith: Fearless Attitude in thy Heart”. Having Hope and Faith gets me through each day along with my daily spiritual meditations and guidance from Quan Yin.

Of all the times I’ve flipped through my little Dream Quotes book I don’t think I’ve ever seen this quote from Aristotle, what a serendipitous event to find it today! I am actually living my dream today by publishing my book Zen Daily Words that I have dreamt about doing for quite a while now.

It’s quite miraculous when we dream something, and then we make it happen, and we take the action to have it become reality. It all starts with a little bit of Hope, Faith & Courage, and a lot of hard work. In the end it’s all worth it, especially if it makes a difference in someone else’s life for the better. My mission in life is to share loving-kindness and compassion with all. Hopefully my new inspiring book will offer many mindful moments and enjoyment for all those who read it!


Psychic Dreaming!

Quote by Edgar Cayce:
“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”
Sometimes I feel as if I’m a bit psychic or can see beyond the beyond! Probably in our dream dimension that is certainly the case! I know Edgar Cayce is well known for his writings on the afterlife, reincarnation, etc. He must have some insight into are dream dimensions too! He’s probably done plenty of research in that area and maybe even has some kind of indirect proof that we can dream into our future creating our life story.
I’ve been writing about Dream Quotes for almost a month now, and it’s as fascinating as ever to read these quotes and learn about what others think dreams may mean in their lives. 

I love dreaming, in fact I had some great dreams just last night, all different subjects and topics that just sort of ran into one another like a bunch of short stories in a book, it was quite interesting and fascinating! I couldn’t interpret why my mind was writing all those short essays if I tried! I only wish I could remember all of them, that’s what’s so frustrating about dreams! I don’t know why it is but sometimes we remember them so crystal clear and other times we just have a sensation or concept of what we dreamt? 

If only we could be our own DVD recording instrument in our mind, and then get to review what we were dreaming about the next day in living color! Hopefully some technology genius is working on developing a tool for this!

Here and Now!


Quote by James Dean:
“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”
Living in the moment is really the best way to go about life. It’s all we really have control of, we can’t change the past and we can’t predict the future. Of course we can dream, make plans, have goals, take action and hope for a beautiful life. In the meantime we need to realize that life is impermanent, we don’t know how much time we have left, we need to be grateful right now, in the Here and Now and enjoy life to the fullest.
The Buddhist way of life teaches us to be mindful of each moment in all that we do whether it is eating, walking, talking, thinking, meditating, etc. We need to be in the moment focused on pursuing our dreams wholeheartedly. While we are mindful that life is impermanent, we will live a full life in every moment that we breathe and our heart is beating.
Quiet the mind, breathe in peace, breathe out love, and focus on this one moment in time. Tomorrow will take care of itself; it is completely out of our control. Yesterday is gone, we can’t relive history, now is all that truly matters.
I am reminded of this excerpt from a quote by Kahlil Gibran: “yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream” meaning we need to live in the moment, and never stop dreaming since none of us knows when our time will be up.


Courageous Dreams!

Quote by Erma Bombeck:
“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
I really miss Erma Bombeck, she was the greatest when it came to humorist essays and making you belly laugh! This is more from her serious side and it’s such a true statement. We all have our vulnerable side and at times we worry about how people will judge us. I always love the quote by Susan David: “Courage is fear walking.”! We just have to keep walking with our head up high and be brave enough to show the world who we are and what we’re all about. 
Who cares what other people think, they’ve got their own perspectives on life and it really has nothing to do with us anyway. The courage comes from within and it is a wonderful characteristic to have.  Being kind, loving, empathetic, humble, resilient and courageous, are just some of the characteristics that are so important to have in one’s life.
I sometimes think of myself as shy even though most people would laugh at that concept! But I think the shyness comes from the child within me that might have a lack of self-esteem or complete confidence in myself at times!
As a child I did not have what I hope most children have which are role models who encourage and inspire them to follow their dreams! Now that I’m the adult I am my own role model! I am the one who encourages me to take that step into the unknown, out of my comfort zone and to walk through my fears, be courageous, and show the world all that I dream about and what I have created. 
As it turns out I am beyond thrilled to know that my creations whether they are in art form or other aspects of my personality are embraced and accepted by most everyone I meet along my path. I must be doing something right and I have to keep doing it and keep following my inner guidance my GPS system: “Gratitude, Purpose, Soul” system, and always share loving kindness and compassion with everyone who crosses my path.

I love the quote by Thich Nhat Hanh: Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.I will always keep smiling and courageously living life to the fullest!

Soul of Money!

Quote by Bette Davis:
“To fulfill the dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.”
This quote sounds like a favorite saying I’ve heard over the years: “do what you love and the money will follow”!  I sure hope this concept becomes reality in my life! I’m willing to make sacrifices, sweat, and do the hard work to create my dreams. I will enjoy the process in the moment and take pride in what I have accomplished. It would be great if the money follows as the ultimate reward! I think if it’s your dream you’ll do it either way just because it is your Ikigai or passion and purpose in life! The money that comes is the energy that follows the loving creation that you’re sharing with the Universe!
I’m reading a book now called: “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist. I find parts of it to be very enlightening about our relationship with money. We all seem to have our own personal organic experiences with money and how it affects us and our life. But if we keep remembering that it is just energy, then maybe we can keep it flowing and growing with the love and nurturing we continue to do and share with the world. 

This quote says it all by Francis Assisi: “For it is in giving that we receive.”, or as I always say: To Give is To Receive!

Dream Recordings!

Quote by Henry David Thoreau:
“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
Dreams can be so magical and mysterious! The other night I had a dream about this beautiful bed frame foot board that was made out of a stained glass material with a light inside of it displaying a design of a portion of the Eiffel Tower! It was exceptionally beautiful, I remember it vividly. It was just one third of the foot board on the iron frame. I even googled the description the next morning to see if there were any such images of a similar bed frame, and of course I found none. 

I love knowing I dream in vivid color and that I can create something in my mind and imagination that has never been made before. I don’t know about the practicality of this particular creation, but nevertheless it just goes to prove how with some dreams we can actually make them into reality, as this quote suggests; put a foundation under them! That’s what makes dreams so fascinating and so magical!
Last night I had a dream and I know it was important, but I just couldn’t remember it when I woke up, and I am still thinking about it this evening. It’s driving me crazy since it feels as if it’s on the tip of my tongue, but I just can’t grasp what the concept was about! If only we could set our DVD player to make recordings of our dreams, and then dial up our dreams to replay the next day, how wonderful that would be! 

I don’t know, but I guess maybe sometimes we’re not supposed to remember our dreams? It’s a mysterious dimension that there aren’t a lot of logical answers for, but that’s okay with me, I love that dimension, it’s the best part of sleeping!

For as you dream, so shall you become!

Quote by Friedrich Von Schiller:
“Keep true to the dreams of the youth.”
When we were young our innocent minds were wide open to learning and experiencing all new things! We had no inner critic or ego shattering our dreams. We were free to dream and have many choices about who we wanted to be when we got to be adults! 

We had so many role models, our teachers, mentors, parents and other adults who encouraged us in many different ways, especially telling us we could be whatever our hearts desired! They reminded us we would have to work hard to get to that ideal, and we really had to decide if that was what we wanted to do. Not all of us had those kinds of role models and encouragement, and I think some of us suffer from not having had that in our youth.
Many times as we grew to become adults, we started having responsibilities and families, etc., and we had to put our dreams of our youth on hold and choose other ways to earn a living.
I remember when I was a youngster inspired by my third grade teacher, I would love to pretend I was a teacher too! I had my blackboard with colored chalk and my desk facing in front of my class! It was so many years ago, I can’t remember what I was teaching, but I remember loving to write on the chalk board and talk to my imaginary students in my classroom (bedroom)!
Unfortunately I did not become a teacher, but you never know, there’s still time! When I really think about it, becoming a teacher was one dream I put on hold, and still to this day I would like to give it a try in some format! At this stage I don’t have the college degree to be a school teacher, but I could certainly start teaching art workshops, etc.! We shall see as I continue to think about reinventing myself in my third act! 

I love this quote and I will definitely ponder on what my dreams were of my youth! My other favorite quote by James Allen: “Dream lofty dreams, as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you one day shall be: your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”

Zen Daily Words Book!

We are excited to announce that our Zen Daily Words Book will be published in mid August 2018. It will include Daily Word Search Puzzles, Inspirational Affirmations, Personal Essays, and Original Art.

Endless Universe!

Quote by Shad Helmstetter:
“You are everything that is, your thoughts, your life, your dreams come true. You’re everything you choose to be. You are as unlimited as the endless universe.”
What a lovely affirmation! I always know in my heart that I am a very important part of the universe, we all are! We have the free will to make choices in our lives and create a life filled with our dreams coming true. We have to have a passion and then take the action to make it happen. 
Anything is possible when we put our mind and heart into it! The sky’s not the limit….it is our soul that soars beyond the limitless endless universe! We live into eternity and have the gift of life in this human form now, but in the next dimension we shall see what form that takes! We must keep our thoughts and our dreams positive and healing so that the entire universe feels our love and legacy.
Look up into the night sky and pick a star, make it your own, nurture it into its full potential and its brilliance, it will live in the endless universe, and always be there to inspire others to do the same.

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