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Today I celebrate my 6 year anniversary living in beautiful Sedona,AZ! This is a quote I resonant with more so than ever! I have become known as Mars Sedona-“The HEART Lady” during my time here in Sedona! It began 4 years ago when I designed my Halloween costume for a party I attended. I put myself into a Heart Sculpture made from various items, and ever since then I have adopted the special title as: The HEART Lady! My artwork is inspired by the Universal symbol of Love – the beautiful Heart Shape. The MARS name along with Sedona is no coincidence…..since Mars was my nickname as a child growing up back east. Mars Bars candy bars were a favorite of mine…and a good shortened version of my name – Marlene! Moving to Sedona with the glorious planet MARS… RED rock landscape, it fit perfect as my new nickname in my newly adopted home in Sedona.

Sharing Loving-Kindness and Compassion with all.

Love, Mars Sedona “The HEART Lady”!

Zen Daily Words & Zen Heart Creations

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Wherever you go, go with all your HEART. -Confucius

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ZEN HEARTS-Vortex Love Messages!

We hope you enjoy many mindful moments of ZEN inspiration with our newest Zen Heart Creations gifts now available on Amazon.com 

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ZEN HEARTS-Vortex Love Messages is Zen Heart Creations newest publication designed from our Zen Heart Creations-Vortex Love Cards! It is a uniquely sized booklet at only 4 x 6 inches, easy to carry along with you to get Zen inspired throughout your day! It features Inspirational Quotes, Original Zen Heart Art, and Vortex Love Messages created by Mars Sedona “The HEART Lady”!

Zen Heart Creations Vortex Love Cards designed by Mars Sedona “The HEART Lady” features two designs that include 26 oracle cards in each deck, with her Original Zen Heart Art, Zen Daily Words, Inspirational Quotes, and Unique Love Messages! These are available in Sedona, AZ at Sedona Artist Market and also at our online store.


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