Officially a Coloradan!

After 48 years of Colorado dreaming I have officially become a Coloradan! I got my Colorado ID/drivers license, car registration/license plates, and voted in the primary election! Now, let’s hope I don’t get called for jury duty, not yet at least!!! The month of June went by like a flash, so many official things to accomplish!

Colorado Plein Air creations by Mars

I did have some creative fun in June, and began a 53 week plein air art project, drawing my interpretations of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding landscape. I have been inspired while visiting all my favorite nature spots in the area. I continue to walk the labyrinth several times a week, and love my meditation in nature class every Wednesday at Majestic View Park. That is where most of my drawings were created, along with my newest nature favorite, along Standley Lake trail. I am excited to begin a drawing and art class on July 1st which I hope will assist in improving my skills immensely!

Continuing in the creative mode, I got inspired to write a short story about my almost 4 months of living here, and the trials and tribulations of life at my affordable rental house! It was very cathartic to write, and is quite humorous at times. I have always loved Norah Ephron’s writing, so I attempted to infuse some of her style into my story.

I have also begun writing another memoir, this one about the past 5 years of my life, which I have entitled: “Limbo”! I have written about 6,000 words so far, and many more to go! The past 5 years have been filled with so many adventures and challenges, and as I write this memoir it brings up many emotions that I have pushed aside, so I could keep moving forward, and now it has become a very necessary healing and cathartic piece to write. The uncertainty of life during the pandemic was excruciating to write about, it was a time of “Limbo” for all of us. Between my Zen adventures, the political climate, the pandemic, and all the unplanned moving around I had to do, it has been quite a ride in Limbo Land for me! Limbo Land also known as the space in between, the bridge to nowhere, and the timelessness tunnel of my life.

I mentioned this is my second memoir, my first was written during the height of the pandemic in 2020. It was a great escape into reliving my many wonderful food related travel adventures throughout my life! It is available on amazon, and is called: “My Royal Palate”, Lobster, Steak and Ice Cream! There are great stories about my childhood, family restaurant, and many delicious recipes are included!

The summer solstice just passed us by, and I have begun the countdown, there are 84 days until autumn arrives. I hate summer, I hate being HOT, I hate being sweaty, and I really HATE mosquitos! See you in July, it’s one month closer to autumn!

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