Go for it NOW, the future is promised to no one…..

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Mars Sedona at Cathedral Rock in snowy Sedona! January 2014

Yesterday we had our first snowfall in Sedona! Each of the six winters that I have lived here, I continue to feel in awe when I see snow on the red rocks! It looks like sugared frosting was sprinkled on the mountaintops! The picture from 2014 was my first snowfall experience and I remember how delighted I felt standing in front of Cathedral Rock that chilly winter wonderland morning in January!

This year it was my 6th anniversary of living in Sedona on October 25, 2019 and I celebrated with what I call spreading some Sedona Serendipity! I visited all my most favorite spots in town and placed 6 of my Vortex Love Cards as random acts of kindness for whoever was lucky enough to find one. I was thrilled to leave them along my special hiking trails, labyrinth paths, medicine wheels, Quan Yin Statues, and Sedona Schnebly statues, etc. It was a very cathartic exercise for me and brought me full circle with my life in Sedona so far.

To honor another special anniversary which I call “Universe Day” which began in Sedona on November 5th 2013, it being my 7th “U” Day I decided there were many more places I wanted to spread Sedona Serendipity too! I picked 7 more Vortex Love Cards and placed them along the spots in town that “Universe Day” represents for me. I met new friends on that day, was directed to stores and places that ultimately have become very meaningful for my life adventures here in Sedona. I always trust the Universe, and on that day 7 years ago, I know I was divinely directed to go to all the places and meet all the people I did on that one special day! Again, another very cathartic exercise bringing me full circle with all the Sedona Serendipity that I have experienced so far!

I don’t know how many more anniversaries I will be fortunate enough to celebrate, but what I do know for sure: “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” and “Go for it now, the future is promised to no one.” These are two of my most favorite quotes by Helen Keller and Wayne Dyer. 

Always keep your eyes wide open for Serendipity along your path.



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