Heavenly Series Paintings & Planting Trees

During these hot summer days in Sedona, Arizona during pandemic quarantine life, I found myself inspired to create some acrylic paintings which I call my Heavenly Series. I wanted to have an outlet to create and share some love and compassion through my artistic expression during these difficult days. I hope they put a smile on your face, some hope in your heart, and some comfort in your grief. We will get through these challenging times a bit easier if we share loving-kindness and compassion with all who cross our path.

Heavenly Series
Heavenly Series by Marlene Rose Besso – Prints available at Fine Art America

 As of today, tragically more than 150,000 lives have been lost in the USA just in the past 5 months. Our hearts are breaking for the families having to cope with their devastating reality. The sadness and grief at the loss of so many hearts and souls is staggering to comprehend.

One Dollar = One Tree = One Life Honored

I continue to have an ongoing fundraiser with OneTreePlanted.org to plant trees in memory of these Hearts and Souls lost to Covid-19. I started this as my Birthday Fundraiser in May, and at that time there were 2,000 Hearts & Souls who had passed away.  It is impossible to comprehend that in such a short span of time so many more lives have been tragically lost. 

When we plant a tree, we are creating a beautiful living breathing gift of nature that will hopefully live on for many years to come. Leaving this legacy for their families is one way we can do something to honor those who have suffered and passed away during this pandemic.

“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.” ~ Thomas Fuller


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