M&M&M’s – Mindful Moments & Monkey Minds!

In astrology, if any of you are Gemini’s or have the planet Mercury in your chart, you will relate to the term: “Monkey Mind”! I am a DOUBLE Gemini, so my MM is in high gear most of the time, you can think of it as a Monkey Mind on steroids! There are times when I consider it to offer positive rather than negative benefits, such as being curious all the time. I don’t know how I lived more than half my life without GOOGLE! I know I visited the library often, and drove family and friends crazy with all my questions! I love the Albert Einstein quote: I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Of course it is very difficult to stay in a quiet ZENFUL Mindful Moment when your monkey mind is in high gear. Meditation is not my cup of tea, but I do consciously (mindfully) stop myself when I am going off into rumination land! I quiet my mind for that moment, and choose a positive path instead of allowing the out of control worrisome thoughts and fears to overpower me. Sometimes I catch myself several times a day, and in that moment I make the choice to REWIRE & REBOOT! When our computers crash, we reboot, and when our mind starts crashing we can do the same! 

Having personality traits of a perfectionist and control freak can be quite challenging to say the least. We are only in control one moment at a time, and for that I am thankful! None of us are perfect, so be kind to yourself and reboot your mind, it feels like a breath of fresh air flowing through your soul! Just Breathe and Trust that you are in control for that one moment in time. Of course I just GOOGLED how many seconds are in a moment! Some theories say there are 90 seconds in each moment. And…googling again I find out that there are 86,400 seconds in a day, which equates to 960 ZENFUL Mindful Moments to Breathe, Rewire & Reboot!

Click on this photo to view pages from this book of Sedona, AZ while you Breath, Rewire & Reboot!

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