Zen Daily Inspiring Lyrics & Original Photo Art by Marlene Rose Besso

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We hope you enjoy our ZEN DAILY WORDS ~ Photo Art & Lyrics by Marlene Rose Besso. May you become inspired by the positive quoted lyrics, and be uplifted by Mother Nature’s glorious landscape images and original photo art. Always wishing you a Zenful Day filled with Loving-Kindness & Compassion. Remember to take time to savor and appreciate the beauty all around us. See the lyrics below, and feel free to click on song title “Spread Your Wings”, to listen on SoundCloud.

Spread your wings and soar
like butterflies in flight
become one with nature
God’s amazing grace
showing me the way
every day

All Rights Reserved 2013 Lyrics and Piano Music created by Marlene Rose Besso 3/11/2012

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