Zen Birthday Gifts?

I wrote this essay about my upcoming 65th Birthday several months ago. Now it is right around the corner, and I still feel the same way I did when I wrote this essay. You may think it is a slightly morbid idea to consider, but in my Zen Way of looking at life, it seems like a good idea! Living in the moment is essential to keeping a Zen Attitude, but it’s always good to be prepared for the next steps in life.  

65th Birthday / Deathday D-day Gift?

I was just thinking while in a calming bubble bath, about life, death, and the in-between. I am 64 ½ years old, and in May 2018 I shall turn 65 years old. That is F***** OLD! Of course, we baby boomers will never admit it! For a moment I thought…..maybe on that day the Universe might give us the Birthday Gift of knowing the date when our life will be over, a Deathday Gift D-day

It sure would be great for financial planning, communicating truth with our loved ones, cleaning out our “stuff”, and documenting our plans for end of life desires. 

Having the courage to follow our dreams, doing that special thing for someone you love, taking that trip of a lifetime, and checking off items on your bucket list. This would be a gift, especially if your days are few. Even if your days are many, starting to accomplish this list now, would be a gift in and of itself.

I don’t know if I will get the Deathday Gift D-day, but while I am in the “in-between” I may as well begin the process! Some people may think this is slightly morbid thinking, but I think it is good to have a plan of action, be prepared, and anyway who wants to get blindsided by a sudden death. I don’t want all my “stuff” to be rummaged through by anyone but me. 

I guess it’s time to get busy, I only have 5 months before I might get that special gift when I turn 65! None of us knows when our time will be up, could be a moment from now, a week from now, a year from now, or 20 years from now. It’s the big mystery of life, when your Deathday will be! Not great for financial planning….that’s for sure!!!!

Then there is the whole mysterious discussion about the “AfterLife” concept! I sure hope we don’t have to come back and do it all over again! I am looking forward to entering a new dimension, a new soul experience, and ideally becoming a form of energy, maybe as a butterfly or a hummingbird delighting those who experience my spirit, and letting them be healed in that moment in time.

I saw a butterfly today, came right by my kitchen window as I was looking out, at the same moment I was thinking to myself: Be positive, it’s all going to be fine. Seeing the butterfly healed me in that moment and I thought maybe it was a visitation from my Mom, since today would’ve been her 91st Birthday! In her physical form she has been gone 29 years. It is comforting to think of our loved ones continuing to visit us with their spirits, appearing as butterflies, hummingbirds, or whatever entity grabs your attention in that special moment.
I think the most important lesson in life is: Savor the MOMENTS, the In-Betweens, and always be prepared! None of us are getting out of here alive! 

Be Kind, Be Compassionate, Be LOVE.

“Butterfly in Butterfly Bush” by Marlene Rose Besso
Click on Photo if interested to purchase print

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