Psychic Dreaming!

Quote by Edgar Cayce:
“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”
Sometimes I feel as if I’m a bit psychic or can see beyond the beyond! Probably in our dream dimension that is certainly the case! I know Edgar Cayce is well known for his writings on the afterlife, reincarnation, etc. He must have some insight into are dream dimensions too! He’s probably done plenty of research in that area and maybe even has some kind of indirect proof that we can dream into our future creating our life story.
I’ve been writing about Dream Quotes for almost a month now, and it’s as fascinating as ever to read these quotes and learn about what others think dreams may mean in their lives. 

I love dreaming, in fact I had some great dreams just last night, all different subjects and topics that just sort of ran into one another like a bunch of short stories in a book, it was quite interesting and fascinating! I couldn’t interpret why my mind was writing all those short essays if I tried! I only wish I could remember all of them, that’s what’s so frustrating about dreams! I don’t know why it is but sometimes we remember them so crystal clear and other times we just have a sensation or concept of what we dreamt? 

If only we could be our own DVD recording instrument in our mind, and then get to review what we were dreaming about the next day in living color! Hopefully some technology genius is working on developing a tool for this!

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