Happy New YOU! MindSet ReSet!


I always love starting a New Year filled with blank pages in my gratitude journal, just waiting to receive fresh new entries as each new day unfolds. I love new beginnings, new chapters and new adventures. My favorite Helen Keller quote always comes to mind when I am beginning something I’ve never attempted before, I get the courage from this quote every time I am faced with a new choice or challenge. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

To begin this year I have signed up for this amazing FREE coaching session offered by Mel Robbins: MindSet ReSet. I love her style and authenticity, she tells it like it is, and shares her own vulnerabilities along with everyone else. Just in the past 4 days I have learned so much about our brain, how to visualize, and also how we sabotage our thoughts without even realizing it.

I am thrilled that in the past few days I have been able to visualize my life as I would like it to be. It was difficult at first for me to visualize, but once I found a favorite picture of me that was taken this past year, I was able to see myself happy and vibrantly alive in my mind. I was standing along a street that I discovered in Sedona, called Serendipity Trail. It is one of my favorite words, and the way I would like to see my life unfolding, with magic and wonder!

Now I have created beautiful scenarios and experiences that I have visualized for my future. I have already designed my NYC Brownstone’s stained glass heart window, with Enso vortex hardware, on my front maple door, a gorgeous foyer with rainbow effects chandelier, skylights and a huge original art painting of hearts by Jim Dine, and my bathroom/spa with mosaic butterfly steam shower doors and marble Jacuzzi spa tub with heart shaped faucets. I continue to visualize my perfect business, a successful Art Gallery in NYC, and vacation homes in Hawaii and California. The best part of this visualization is that I am sharing all of this abundance and prosperity with the right people in my life who love me!

Now, for the first time I have taught myself how to recognize and catch myself when I am in auto-pilot mode or as she calls it, our default mode. I notice there are many things we all do on auto-pilot without having to think, like washing dishes, getting dressed, writing, typing, etc. These are fine things to not have to ask our brain to figure out how to handle each day! But, I have also noticed that many of my thoughts are on looped auto-pilot and some of them are negative and not true about me. Those default thoughts about not being worthy of love, or successful, or prosperous, etc. need to be reversed and replaced with deliberate positive thoughts. I realize this is a practice and as I catch myself thinking these untruths, I can replace them with better concepts that will affirm what is really true about me.

What surprised me the most about learning this exercise and now practicing it several times a day, is that I am not alone in the way some of my thoughts cause havoc and could ultimately sabotage my life. So many people have the exact same negative concepts about themselves, I am not worthy, I am not smart, I am not lovable, I do everything wrong, I will never succeed, people don’t like me, I am fat, I am skinny, I am ugly, and Etc. Etc. Etc. Where do all these negative horrible concepts come from? What I learned is that when we are born, we need the love and connection from other humans to survive and thrive. What we experience in our home environment affects our concept of ourselves, and our brain records all the messages we learn, some are good and some are not. We don’t know how to filter out the not so good information. It just carves a pathway via neurons that stays with us for our entire lives.

Some of you were lucky to have ideal families who encouraged and validated your talents and beauty that gave you the courage to seek all your dreams with confidence and fortitude. Some of us were not so lucky. In my case I was born into a family, who loved me, but their happiness and shared energy was that of worry and sickness, since my Mom was diagnosed with MS when she was pregnant with me. When I was an infant and growing up, even though I have no memory until maybe age 6, I would have to assume that there was a lot of sadness, and worry and hopelessness in our household. My memories are seeing my Mom in sickness, sorrow and pain most days. I had to become very independent and care for her at a very young age. This environment, this energy that I was born into caused my default thinking to be filled with worry, and set me up for a life as an adult who constantly has worries, pain, sorrow and sometimes hopelessness.

As a young adult growing up in a not so normal family life, my need to fit in and find normalcy was crucial for my well-being. I found the support with some very special families of good friends, and I devoured their normalcy, even though they thought their families were dysfunctional! Compared to my situation they were perfect!

Thankfully, after all these years…..I am now 65+ years old, I have made a nice life for myself, and have lived in many beautiful places, now in Sedona, AZ, and refer to myself as a “Zen Optimist-Realist”! I am optimistic and keep smiling as I carve my own path, seeking new adventures and opportunities to improve my life and mindset. The lessons I have learned from growing up with a sick Mom, have gifted me with empathy, compassion, and loving-kindness that I share with all those I come in contact with. My life is not perfect; I have areas that I want to improve and would like to welcome new love and inspiring friendships into my world. Some things are not in our control, but as long as we trust we are in the right place, at the right time, doing the rights things, then I believe serendipity and divine order will occur.

I highly recommend signing up for this FREE coaching with Mel Robbins to RESET your MINDSET and live a life of happiness and positivity in your remaining days. We are all works in progress, doing the best we can. I always believe that the best is yet to come. Staying curious, keeping healthy and fit, seeking new adventures, and sharing lovingkindness, is a great way to live. All the rest is frosting on the cake!

Click on this #MindsetReset link at MelRobbins.com and sign up for a 30 day FREE life changing course. I believe you can sign up anytime and download the videos and pamphlet.

By the way, I discovered Mel Robbins a few months ago while watching a Ted Talk. I got up off my chair within 5 seconds and purchased her book: “Stop saying you’re FINE….The No B-S guide to getting what you want.” Loved her writing style and science based techniques for being honest with yourself and for self-improvement. I bought her book “5 Second Rule” which will arrive tomorrow. I absolutely believe it is crucial if you want to create change…..you have to take immediate actionable steps when you think of an idea or new plan, just get up and do it within 5 seconds, or you may forget about it and never do it at all. It reminds me of that very popular Nike commercial….and logo…. JUST DO IT.

Below is my Affirmation Heart that I have placed in my home where I can see it often and repeat these deliberate statements to carve new pathways in my beautiful mind, and to create the amazing life I am worthy of having. You too can create your own affirmations and repeat these positive deliberate statements to make the changes you desire in your life. Self-love and Self-Care are daily priorities in my life. It is not selfish, it is essential to create a life for yourself that you would want for your loved ones.

happy new you heart affirmations

Send me your Affirmation words via email to Mars@ZenHeartCreations.com and I will create a word heart .pdf as a FREE GIFT for 10 lucky followers of my website: ZenHeartCreations.com

Happy New YOU!

5 x 7 marlene serendipity trail.jpg

 Mars at Serendipity Trail /Sedona, AZ   June 2018

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