ZDW-Weekly 7~January 22 – 28, 2019

jan 22 to 28
Seed, Brainstorm, Serenity, Evolving, Preparation, Patience, & Intention.

Weekly 7 ~ Zen Daily Words ~ These are my Zen Daily Words for the 4th week of this New Year! Also, I added a reminder of how many days I have lived! As of today it has been 23,986 days! (Click on this link to find out how many days you have lived so far.)  https://www.countcalculate.com/calendar/days-lived

Every morning I have a ritual of writing out a daily word and a few interpretations of the word that represent my intentions for the day ahead.

I have been doing this daily word exercise for a few years. It has been fun to sort them by date and read them on a monthly basis. It gives me an overview of my mood and intentions that were carried out for the month. I share this in hopes that you may be inspired to create your own daily rituals that will enhance your mood and mindset for the day. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, make your dreams come true one day at a time! 

Cheers! Mars


Send me your Zen Daily Words or Affirmation Words via email to Mars@ZenHeartCreations.com and I will create a word heart .pdf as a FREE GIFT for the next 10 Lucky Visitors who click the link to FOLLOW my website: ZenHeartCreations.com

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