Inspirational & Artistic Gifts!


Mars Mindful Moments is filled with Zen Daily Words of Inspirational Quotes & Original Zen Heart Art by Marlene Rose Besso. Uniquely designed as a 6 x 6 inch book to enjoy these inspirational quotes and beautiful original art. This book is also available as an Kindle E-Book.

ZEN Hearts & Inspirational Lyrics is a Zenfully Unique Book Featuring Zen Heart Art from the 365 Hearts Project and Inspirational Song Lyrics created by Marlene Rose Besso.

Zen Daily Words is Zen Heart Creations first publication filled with Zen Inspirational Affirmations, Quotes, Unique Word Search Puzzles, Original Art and Dream Quotes Inspired Personal Essays created by Marlene Rose Besso. This inspiring and interactive book will offer many mindful moments of fun solving the word search puzzles.

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