Love, Health & Serenity along the Labyrinth Path…


“Mosaic Zen Heart Collage” by Marlene Rose Besso 3/19/19


Love, Health & Serenity along the Labyrinth Path and Medicine Wheel in Sedona, Arizona

As I walked the Labyrinth a few evenings ago during a brilliant sunset here in Sedona, I asked for Love, Health, and Serenity along my path. As I entered the center marble obelisk and chakras I surrendered my worries and fears. I noticed a Love Zen Heart sticker in the center that I had placed there on my last Labyrinth walk. I am glad it was still there, I so enjoyed seeing it, and I hope others have also noticed it and enjoyed its message of Zen Love.

I also visited Quan Yin and asked her to “show me the way”. The chimes were playing a sacred song as the wind rustled in the trees. It was a bit chilly outside, and I was happy to have my warm scarf as an added layer. I am so grateful to have these special places in my sweet small town of Sedona, where I can find peace and walk in silence amongst the amazing glorious beauty surrounding me. I enjoy the Unity Labyrinth, since there is also an amazing powerful Quan Yin Statue right near the small but also powerful Labyrinth area. I have lived here for nearly 6 years, and only discovered this sacred space very recently.

For many years I have walked the sacred land at the Sedona Lodge here in West Sedona. The Labyrinth was my favorite place to go for several years. Every time I walked it and placed special red rock stones along my path, I felt calm and peaceful with a sense of serenity almost indescribable. In the past few years there has been a change in the design of the labyrinth and it is now covered with ground fabric and deep sand on top. This was so disappointing for me when I discovered the change, but I found my way to walk the Labyrinth….not within it, but around it. I much prefer to walk on the earth with red rocks in my pathway. It seems to be just as powerful for me, and only on occasion do I walk the sand path. If it has rained and it has become hardened by the moisture, I don’t mind the sensation on my feet walking in the sand.

There is also a very spiritual Medicine Wheel at the Lodge, and I walk around it and within it on a regular basis. It is extremely sacred and gives me a sense of peace and calm, also indescribable. About a year ago, I was lucky enough to join a workshop for a Full Moon Manifestation Walk through the Medicine Wheel, and it was so inspiring and informational. I absolutely loved the spiritual guide, Crystal Starr Weaver. She shared immense history and guidance as we all walked the Medicine Wheel, learning about placements of stones and their meaning. I had a book on Medicine Wheels that I purchased several years ago when I began walking this Medicine Wheel in Sedona. I learned some history about them, but the guided walk was exactly what I needed to really comprehend the in depth meaning of the history and design. I continue to walk this Medicine Wheel frequently. I am so happy to see all the stones and know their names and meaning. They have become my sacred friends as I walk along the path from east to south, to west to north.

I highly recommend seeking out a Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel along your life adventures, especially when things in your life need clarity and prayer. I am so grateful to live in such a glorious, sacred place here in Sedona, Arizona. If you are fortunate to travel here for an adventure, or are called here to make this land your home, I welcome you and wish you a beautiful walk along your path in life.   



Celebrating my One Year Anniversary of this Zen Heart Creations Blog Site with a new Blog and new Zen Heart Creation Collage Painting… year later…..March 19, 2019

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