Happy Leap Year Day 2020!

Leaping Hearts1

Happy Leap Year & Leap Year Day! I wondered about people born in a leap year, if and when they celebrate their Birthdays on the off years? Of course I had to google it, and found out one of their nicknames is “Leaplings” and they either choose to only celebrate on their actual birth date in the Leap Years, or they pick the day before or day after! At first it seemed as if every presidential election fell on a Leap Year, but that is not true. Leap Years only fall on the years that are divisible by 4. Have fun reading all about Leap Years at the following link: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_year

My February Heart Month Project of creating a Digital Heart Painting each day has now been completed with my Leap Year Day creation I call: “Leaping Hearts”! Click on the photo above to see all the prints and home decor items available for purchase on Fine Art America.

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