Quan Yin & Friends…..

Quan Yin & Friends

Along my adventures yesterday here in Sedona, AZ I snapped this interesting image of Quan Yin & Friends together in their temporary residing space. The spiritual nature park that I have enjoyed visiting these past few years to walk the Labyrinth and visit Quan Yin is no longer there. All the statuary has been moved to this temporary location soon to be placed in their new home. I am looking forward to visiting the new nature area and resuming my visits for meditation and peaceful labyrinth outings.

I was so happy to find Quan Yin sitting in the background with her serene smile as she was sending out Loving-Kindness & Compassion in unison with all her friends. We sure need this sharing of peace and calm in our humanity right now. My hope is that somehow we will be able to regain understanding and togetherness in our very divided society. My heart hurts to see such division and vitriol actions on our streets and in social media. This is a major turning point in our human condition, and change is the only way forward. More of the same will ruin us, and if we continue this division we will fail horribly. Together we must rise and repair this wreckage of the past 4 years by VOTING as soon as possible for the renewal of our country. As soon as you receive your ballot, or the option to visit your polling place, PLEASE don’t delay, we need every humane voice voting to create a better world for all of us.


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