Dream & Become!

One of my favorite quotes of all time is: “For As You Dream, So Shall You Become”. I shorten the quote to just “Dream + Become”. I write it down daily in my things to do list every morning! It’s my reminder to keep dreaming and trust the Universe that I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things. 

Along with my morning ritual of Zen Daily Words that I write, I make a TTD -Things To Do list, and have special notes along with the quote that I write daily, like how many days I have lived on this planet, today is 23,673 day of my life! How many days I have lived in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, today is my 1,608 day living here! And I also include my main Zen Daily Word as a reminder of my intention for the day. 

I refer to my list throughout the day, and am so grateful when I get to cross off the items that I get accomplished. If I don’t have time to do everything, I just push it forward to the next day. I do the best I can, and that’s good enough for me! I believe in taking time each day for positive affirmations, mindful moments, day-dreaming, and self care. Before making my list, and after writing out my Zen Daily Words, I look at a sweet tiny book of Dream Quotes that I purchased 4 years ago, I flip to whatever page comes up, and it always seems to fit my mood, or inspire me to look at a different perspective. I remember many of the quotes, but it’s always fun to see what the Universe wants me to focus on for the day ahead. Serendipity is often found on the pages of my special purple dream book. 

I wish everyone a Zenful Day!

Here is a link to calculate how many days you have lived! 

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