Zen Heart Creations Logo!

Zen Vortex Heart Enso
by Mars  

Just the other day I was thinking about designing a logo for my website and blog, and then realized I had already created it months ago! The Universe never ceases to amaze me! I guess it knew I would need a Zen Heart Logo in the near future! This 12 x 12 acrylic painting has been hanging in my art studio space since last summer! It is a very special Zen Creation of a Vortex Heart in the center of an Enso – Circle of Enlightenment. I love the energy it exudes, and also a reminder to keep an open heart, and realize that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. I love this image so much, I am considering getting it tattooed on my arm as a Daily Zen reminder. I have a scar healing there from a melanoma surgery this past December. It is already a daily reminder about not focusing on perfectionism, and being grateful to be alive.This would be a more creative way to keep this Zen lesson in focus instead of looking at my scar. I know they say you should embrace your scars, but I would rather embrace my Zen Heart Art Creation!

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