Happy Spring Equinox!

Every morning I have a ritual of writing out a daily word and a few interpretations of the word that represents my intention for the day ahead. They become my affirmations words and thoughts that I carry with me throughout my day. I have been doing this daily word exercise for a few years, and prior to that I would write out a few things that I was grateful for each morning. It has been fun to sort them by date and read them on a monthly basis. It gives me an overview of my mood and intentions that were carried out for the month. I also have created a fun project with these affirmation words as custom word search puzzles. I found an online template that allows me to create my own puzzles. I print them out and work on them in the evenings, and it is a very zen and cathartic way to spend my time. Check out my Zen Daily Words page for samples of my custom affirmation word puzzles and my daily word notes. I have sweet little notepads that I am inspired to write these words in. My newest pad is pink with roses and the cover says: Smell the Roses. A nice reminder to take time to smell the roses.

My words for today: 

Nepenthe Rose Photo Art with Lyrics by Marlene Rose Besso
Click on photo for link to Fine Art America

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