Zen Nona ~ Now or Never Adventure!

Recently I decided to take a ZEN NONA…..a term I created which means a Zen ~ Now or Never Adventure”! I think of it as similar to a GAP Year that kids take between high school and college, but now being at the age of a Grandmother/Nonna (yikes!) I call it my Zen Nona in Sedona!

I have signed up for Social Security, I wanted to wait until my 66th Birthday, but I had no choice but to sign up early. Between the SS and some designated savings I have decided that I don’t want to jump into working right away after losing my client of 20+ years! I need a break for 6+ months, and then I will have to go back into the work force, since I don’t have nearly enough saved to survive only on Social Security!

I am enjoying this block of time to create, dream, travel, volunteer, network, start a new business venture, and who knows how I might re-invent myself during this adventure in my 3rd Act of Life!  

It’s exciting and a bit scary, but as Helen Keller said: Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all!



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