“Heart Map” by Marlene Rose Besso

One of my most favorite words of all time is: Serendipity! Just the sound of it delights me, let alone the meaning! I have experienced so many Serendipitous Moments in my life so far! I love the surprise effect, the unexpected moment of realization, the wonder of it all! I think my first introduction to the word was in the 80’s when I worked at Serendipity Gallery in Los Angeles! 

Many years ago I created this painting entitled: Heart Map. It was done in a matter of moments outdoors in my Santa Monica backyard. It was a fluid acrylic poured out into the heart shape in very few motions. Then I added the pastel colors after it dried. I already had a painting entitled Serendipity, but if I hadn’t this painting would surely fit the name. Take a close look at the top left and right heart drawing, what do you see? It is almost like viewing a “Rorschach Test” of ink blots, where many people see different interpretations of the same image. What I see in this “Heart Map” painting are two very special ANGELS that appeared from the pours of paint, on the left side is a feminine Angel and the other is a masculine Angel. I think of them as my dear friends, always looking out for me. I have had this painting hanging in my bedrooms whereever I have lived for the past 28+ years! 

Serendipity is one of the best gifts we can receive in our lifetime. We just have to take the time to live in the moment and see the wonder of it all!

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