ZEN ENSO HEART – What goes around, comes around!

It is impossible to ignore the dark energy in our beautiful America today. The images of inhumanity toward innocent migrant children is heart wrenching to say the least. I send ZEN LOVE to all those suffering this unacceptable torture, and pray for healing and freedom for all. 

We MUST change this dark energy, we need to create Harmonic Peace & Love to make America GREAT once again. We must VOTE for change to keep the Circle Positive. so we can once again be proud to be Americans. 

“What Goes Around Comes Around.” Be Love, Be Kind, Be Compassionate. 

“Let Your Light Shine” by Marlene Rose Besso
Let your light shine in me
and bring me peace
hold your head up high
and don’t cry
for I am always with you dear
you have the light of an angel inside you
and will always get by with love.

All Rights Reserved 2013 Lyrics and Piano Music created by Marlene Rose Besso 2/19/2012

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