Vortex of Confusion?


Have you ever felt like your thoughts were in a VORTEX of Confusion, when you have too many choices and decisions to make? Lately I have been experiencing this lack of clarity with this Vortex Foggy mindset. I guess I have created this scenario myself, caused by allowing too much going on, and too much information coming in, with not enough ZEN TIME to search my heart and soul for answers. 

Today I have found my Zen Source of Clarity once again, by slowing down the incoming mind traffic, and listening to the Universe. The small voice inside my soul has directed me on the right path now. Before it seemed as if there were too many curves in the road, and I was getting dazed and confused. My internal GPS needed a reboot! I like to think of my internal GPS as my gratitude, purpose, and soul guide. Just like our computers, sometimes we just need a reboot! As I’ve said in past blogs, we need to follow and listen to our inner guidance “GPS – Gratitude, Purpose, Soul” system! Our Zen Intuition will always lead us along the divine path, but we need to listen and have faith that we are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  

With so many things going on in our personal lives, and now the dark energy and bleak daily news in our country, it is even more important to stop and listen to our internal GPS System. We can choose our attitudes and perspectives, but without taking a time out to use this valuable internal GPS System, we may continue to feel as if life has become unbearable and we are in a VORTEX of confusion. Make time each day to stop and listen to your inner guide, give yourself loving-kindness and compassion. You and everyone around you will benefit greatly by this Daily Zen Ritual


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