Beauty of your dreams……

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I was so delighted when I turned to this page in my dream book this morning! This is another one of my most favorite quotes by a brilliant and well respected woman – Eleanor Roosevelt. I remember reading this quote several years ago and it touched something in my heart.  At that time I was dreaming and searching for a new path, and it was one of the catalysts that inspired a new sense of direction and momentum in my life. At the time when I read this quote I was living in Portland Oregon, and dreaming about my future and the possibility of opening up my own art gallery and gift store. When I read this quote it helped me to focus and find the strength to believe that one day my dream would come true. 

I got very close to having my dream happen in 2014.

In late 2013 I began a new chapter in my life and moved to Sedona Arizona. My goal and intention was to find the perfect space to rent for my dream gallery which I planned to name: Heartifacts Gallery. I followed in the path and created business plans, found amazing Heart Artists and Sculptors that I planned to represent in my gallery. I even found what I thought was the perfect space. Being a newbie in town I had a few lessons to learn in that regard. The space would have been perfect for my concept of making it a gallery and sculpture garden with a feeling of home. The saying: “Home is where the Heart is” was how I wanted my customers to feel in the space. The building had a lot of charm and there was an area in the back for my envisioned Sculpture Garden. As a bonus there was a connecting path to the one of the nicest Galleries & Sculpture Gardens in all of Sedona!

I moved forward and got very close to signing the lease when I feel the Universe divinely stepped in to save me from possible misfortunes down the line. The lease agent made a lot of promises, and my attorney advised me if they weren’t written in the lease that they probably weren’t going to happen. So I changed my mind and did not sign off on the lease and I closed that chapter on that location. 

I’m glad I did because as it turns out, that favorite Sedona Gallery moved away, and so did another possible customer connection, the Spa that was next door. As I came to realize there were not many tourists walking in that area, so it would have been extremely expensive for advertising. The lease price was right but that’s because it wasn’t in Uptown or another popular area where the tourists mostly congregate. 

So for now I have to say that the quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”; was a motivating factor for my moving to Sedona, and continues to be inspiring me to follow in the dreams I have now. 

In the meantime I do have an art space in a local Artists Gallery where I hang my own art and sell it to the tourists in Sedona. That makes me very happy and it’s a lot less stressful than having my own gallery and overhead expenses. I still have the dream of opening my Heartifacts Gallery in some way shape or form in my future. I do have my Zen Heart Creations online gallery, and for now I will keep my focus on that.

I continue to cherish my dream that one day I will be sitting in my heart shaped iron chair, behind a beautiful heart sculpted desk, surrounded by gorgeous original heart paintings, sculptures and gifts, with my beautiful smiling Samoyed furry friend at my feet, as we welcome visitors and customers into our “home is where the heart is space” and seeing their awesome smiles as they look around and feel the love.

I will keep my beautiful dream alive and trust one day it shall be created in my future.



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