Reach For The Stars!

Quote by Harriet Tubman:
“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
Wow! I absolutely love this quote and it is very inspiring to know that one simple dream could change the world. Resilience, patience, and passion are all it takes to make your dreams come true. For me I would add focus, determination, courage and faith! I remember coming up with a song title and lyrics which became an acronym for the word FAITH: Fearless attitude in thy heart. It takes courage to be fearless. I have heard of Harriet Tubman and googled her background to learn more about her. She was an amazing woman and has gone down in history for all that she has done for people less fortunate and enslaved in this world. We need someone like Harriet Tubman today to help correct all these atrocities that are going on in America right now.
Ironically in my little dream book Harriet Tubman’s quote is right next to a Donald Trump quote!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw that a few years ago, and recently when I turned to the page I just couldn’t even look at his quote so I put a big X through his words! See the picture below. His quote sounds exactly like his presidency and his twitter rantings: “I like thinking big, if you’re going to be thinking anything you might as well think big.”! He has no vocabulary, he speaks from his a******! I just can’t take the fact that he is the president of these United States, and how half of the country voted for him I will never understand. It’ll be over soon I hope and we can start once again being proud to be  Americans.
Getting back to this inspiring quote by Harriet Tubman, I will continue to dream.  I’ve always been a dreamer; a daydreamer and night dreamer and I will trust in my heart and soul that if I dream it I can accomplish it! I will continue to read these dream quotes and search my soul for what my dream is to accomplish. I have so many dreams, I need to focus on one and make it reality, make it my way forward to help my fellow Americans. I believe: “What goes around comes around” and “To Give is to Receive”. Thank you Harriet Tubman for all you’ve done for this country. I honor your empathy, determination, and passion to help those in need. Namaste

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