Dreams Realized

Quote by James Allen:
“Dreams are the seedlings of realities.”
James Allen has said many things that have touched my heart in his quotes. He was such an inspirational writer and is famous for his book from 1903: “As a Man Thinketh”. This dream quote is so perfect with its preciseness, very few words but massive meaning to me.
Almost every night I have interesting dreams, sometimes little snippets that I remember, and sometimes I don’t remember them. Sometimes they’re long and detailed dreams, and sometimes they are just little moments that I experience. These stories in my subconscious, in my dream imagination, usually contain desires and things I need to work through in my life. 

It’s like when we plant a seed in the ground, we plant dream seeds deeply in our soul, until one day we have the dream again that reminds us of that seed we planted, and suddenly we become aware of that long-lost desire. We need to nurture that desire and watch it grow from a seed into a seedling, and water it and offer it our love and attention, so that ultimately it becomes a blossoming reality in our lives.
These seedlings start from something, from a thought, from a desire, from a plan in childhood, and we need to focus on what’s important to us and not forget about these seedlings. To grow anything in a garden takes patience and nurturing and hard work but in the end there is that ultimate reward, the pride in seeing what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve become because we planted one tiny little dream seed.
I will continue to be in touch with my dreams and pick out those very special seeds and watch them become seedlings and grow into a dream realized. “For as you dream so shall you become.” is another James Allen quote that is my absolute favorite of all the time.

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