Beauty in Being Alone!

Quote by Pearl S. Buck:
“Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.”
I identify with this quote because I am a lover of my solitude. I savor my alone time, and I rarely if ever feel lonely, because I choose to spend quality time with me, myself, and I! I’m not saying that I’m an introvert, as a double Gemini that would be almost impossible! I do love social outings with friends, and love to communicate my ideas and curiosities about life.
But it is true unless you’re really alone you can’t renew your springs, or as I think of it, I can’t get in touch with my deepest dreams and desires if I’m distracted by the outside world. It’s in your own inner soul and deep in your heart that all the dream seed planting and marinatingoccurs.
I like this saying about being with yourself and enjoying your own company: “In many ways I prefer my own company”! If I don’t like to be with myself then I can’t imagine how anyone else would enjoy me!
Take time to be alone and plant your dream seeds so that they will sprout into seedlings of reality and continue to grow, just remember to keep watering so they never dry up!

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