Breathe in Life!

Quote by Margaret DeLand:

“One must desire something to be alive.”
I firmly agree with this quote otherwise what would be the purpose of living? Life needs to be exciting, with some purpose, with some dreams and deep desires to keep us alive and excited about the gift of life.
One must desire something to feel alive, not desiring to just be alive. Feeling alive and being alive are two different things. We need to have a purpose, a dream, a goal, a desire to keep getting up each morning. If life were only about the mundane tasks of day-to-day living what would be the point? There needs to be something to hope for, to be excited about, to care about and desire to accomplish to make it all worthwhile.
I have so many dreams, sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of them, but I can’t imagine how bleak my life would be without them, without any desire to persevere. One must at least try to fulfill their dreams.
I am thankful to be alive and to wake up each morning, (not necessarily early since I’m not a morning person!), but when I do wake up I look forward to my day ahead. I desire to accomplish my goals and check them off my daily list of things to do.  I check off the mundane tasks, but most importantly I attempt to accomplish my creative ideas and desires, those that get my juices flowing and cause me to keep smiling, to be optimistic in my day. I like to share the loving energy that I feel because of my desire to be alive – right back into the Universe.
Excerpt from a song I wrote: “Breathe in Peace, Breathe out Love, FEEL ALIVE, Sharing Love in this world opens your Heart.

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