Dream Labyrinth

Quote by Marsha Norman:
“Dreams are illustrations…
from the book your soul is writing about you.”
Oh how I love this quote! I only just discovered it a few months ago. As I flip through my little Dream Quotes book I have come across it quite a few times since then. It so resonates with my soul. I guess I’ve always known all along that my dreams are important to my life purpose and ultimate legacy. I love that I get to see glimpses of my soul book through my dreams. I am continually creating new chapters from my dreaming imagination directly through my heart and into my soul.
I wonder sometimes where these dreams come from and why in the world I would be dreaming them, but eventually I will read my soul book and all the pieces will divinely come together. 
So until then I will be patient and not worry if I can’t figure out what a dream may have meant in the moment, because I know eventually it will come to light. Obviously I need to work through some things that may even be beyond my comprehension right now. Ultimately these ideas and lessons are, and will be shaping my character throughout my remaining days. 
It’s going to be a great book to read when it comes out; when I move on to the next dimension I will definitely bring my reading glasses! Wait a minute I just realized I won’t need them anymore!

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