Be Love!

Quote by Buddha:
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”
Very simple and to-the-point, thank you Buddha! Our minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy. It all depends on how we monitor our thoughts. If we can keep a positive attitude, an attitude of gratitude, and flowing optimistic thoughts we will be in good shape. We need to be kind to ourselves, we need to nurture ourselves, and trust our innermost desires. We need to be our own best friend, and beware of judgmental people, as well as our own inner critic causing havoc with our positive thoughts. We need to stand guard at the door of our sacred thoughts, trust our instincts and intuition, we will know the truth, we will feel it and believe it to be so.
We must stop the self-sabotage and be encouraging and affirmative in our thinking along our life path. Saying positive affirmations daily is one important practice to have as a discipline. The more we tell ourselves we are worthy, and respected, and talented, and loved, and courageous, and successful, and fearless, we shall be.
Stop the worrying and become a warrior instead. Don’t waste one more second worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. Live in the moment and know that this is all we have for sure and make the best of it. It’s just as easy to put a smile on your face as a frown, and when we are smiling there’s an actual chemical reaction that gives us the endorphins that keeps us in that optimistic mindset. On the same token if we’re frowning, miserable and negative we’re just going to continue to bring ourselves down lower and lower. 

Take the high road and look up, trust the Universe and ask for everything that you need and desire, trust that it shall be, that it is your destiny. Make sure to take time to help others, be kind, be love, and remember; what goes around comes around. To give is to receive.

Keep Smiling!

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