Beauty of your dreams……

I still believe in the Beauty of my Dreams one year later!

Zen Daily Words & Zen Heart Creations

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I was so delighted when I turned to this page in my dream book this morning! This is another one of my most favorite quotes by a brilliant and well respected woman – Eleanor Roosevelt. I remember reading this quote several years ago and it touched something in my heart.  At that time I was dreaming and searching for a new path, and it was one of the catalysts that inspired a new sense of direction and momentum in my life. At the time when I read this quote I was living in Portland Oregon, and dreaming about my future and the possibility of opening up my own art gallery and gift store. When I read this quote it helped me to focus and find the strength to believe that one day my dream…

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